Born in August 6, 1952, Patrick MacDonald is an American songwriter and musician. He is a well-known guitarist, singer and the songwriter who created songs for the Timbuk3. With his creative and edgy songs, he has always been one of the most favorite music artists. He is also a highly acclaimed musician. His work for Timbuk3 earned him a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist category way back in 1987. When the group finally disbanded, he jump started his own solo career in 1995 and successfully released singles not just in the United States but even in Europe.

All throughout his recording career, he has created various singles that made it to the charts and have earned him various recognitions from different music award giving bodies. Apart from the recognitions that he was able to get, in his entire career he has also collaborated with some of the most popular music artists and singers in the industry. He has worked with the Police, Cher, Keith
Urban and a whole lot more. Some of the songs that he created were recorded by the world’s most popular bands and recording artists like Zuchero, Aerosmith, Oysterhead, etc. After he went on with his solo career, he has released various solo albums from Pat Macdonald Sleeps with His Guitar which was released in 1997 to Purgatory Hill which was released in 2009.

With his successful music career, Pat MacDonald co-founded Steel Bridge Songfest in 2005. This is a nonprofit benefit concert that is held every year. Apart from artists participating in the said benefit concert, it is also a songwriting festival where talented and creative musicians and composers get to share their music to people.

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